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In the news : Filipino Nurses News – Latest & Hottest News about Pinoy Nurses Worldwide

Pinoy Nurse Arrested in Phoenix for Soliciting Teen Sex Online

March 7, 2011 · Filed Under Featured Articles, In the news, Work in the US · Comment 

A Filipino Nurse was nabbed in an entrapment operations in Phoenix, Arizona for allegedly trying to lure a teenager online to have sex with him.

Reports say that Richard Sanggalang, a 39-year old oncology nurse at Estrella Medical Clinic in Phoenix, was caught in an undercover sex sting involving a policeman posing as a teenage girl online.  The police chatted online as a decoy and was able to convince Richard to email his photos.  That’s where the police found sufficient evidence to catch Richard.

Sanggalang was picked up by police on his home which is supposed to be the meet up place for the sex escapade with the teenager.  He now faces 3 counts of soliciting sex with a minor.


Filipino nurses in New Zealand Pronounced Dead by the Philippine Government

March 5, 2011 · Filed Under Featured Articles, In the news · Comment 

Reports came in today that the 2 Pinay nurses trapped in the rubble of the CTV building are dead.  This was at least relayed to the relatives of the victims.  This is an unfortunate news to the relatives as they are still hoping that the 2 nurses are still alive.

Most of the family members of those caught up in the ruins of the CTV building are still at a vigil near the place.  New Zealand police has cordoned off the site and will not allow family members near the ruins.

I was just wondering what the government has done to try and reach out to the trapped Pinay nurses.  Did we send in our own rescue mission?  Did the Philippine government offered to help on the search and rescue efforts?  Or we just sit here and waited for 10 days for someone to die in vain.  Which is which I don’t know.  What I do know is that the longer it takes, the lesser chance it is for these 2 nurses to survive.

Let’s share the pain of the family members…

Higher Pay for Those with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in Nursing Careers

Nursing News from overseas.


Because of the current competitive healthcare job market worldwide, more and more nursing students and current professionals are pursuing after their bachelors’ degrees with master’s programs for nursing to become more attractive to prospective employers. The strategy of course is that after they completed these courses of study, these nursing professionals can become qualified for high-paying positions.

Now improved bachelor’s nursing program and curriculum at top schools in the world are being created to help students and working registered nurses (RNs) obtain skills that are required by managerial roles at hospitals and primary care offices. Some top schools in the US, for example, even launched this course of study through distance learning programs and online campus in order to help enrollees further their education without having to quit their jobs.  This will get them their nursing degrees online.

Those who wish to take on more responsibilities in health-related work environments may also want to consider enrolling in a master’s program in nursing administration. These degrees are often available to students via online education and as accelerated programs.

Nursing is still considered as one of the fastest-growing job markets for any occupation in the US given the rising age of retirees who require a lot these healthcare services next to Japan. In fact, within the next eight years, US government analysts shows that the employment of these professionals will increase by 22%, and this industry will create an estimated 581,500 new jobs nationwide.  The Japanese government also has similar pressures from its aging population and will require more nurses within the next 5 years.

Will this be good for the Filipino nurses seeking jobs?  Of course, if we realize this today that other countries are making their nurses more competitive not just a bachelors degree in nursing but a masters on the side, then we should also prepare our nurses here in Manila.  Updating our curriculum to address the competitive landscape abroad is the first step.

And I believe that the more management nurses we train and export to various part of the globe, the more chances of Pinoy nurses to work overseas as the world healthcare industry will realize we are capable professionals in this field.

Nurses May Benefit From Free Online Continuing Education Course

Here’s some bit of good news on the net.

Employment of registered nurses (RNs) is expected to grow by 22% through 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, a growing number of campus-based and online universities are launching new bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for those who wish to launch careers in this field as well as those who are currently employed as nurses.

For example, officials from Jacksonville University (JU) recently announced in a press release that the school will sponsor a free nursing continuing education course in conjunction with The one-credit continuing education unit (CEU), which is called Networking for Career Advancement, will be free starting March 1.
Free Online Course for Nurses course was created to boost nurses’ networking skills, which can be valuable for finding employment, promotions and salary increases.

“Our faculty is comprised of accomplished nurses who know firsthand just how hard nurses work,” said Judith M. Erickson, dean of JU’s School of Nursing. “Sponsoring this free nurse CEU will make it a little easier for RNs to complete their [continuing education] and maintain their licenses.”


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