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Job Openings for Nurses : Filipino Nurses News – Latest & Hottest News about Pinoy Nurses Worldwide

Nurses May Benefit From Free Online Continuing Education Course

Here’s some bit of good news on the net.

Employment of registered nurses (RNs) is expected to grow by 22% through 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, a growing number of campus-based and online universities are launching new bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for those who wish to launch careers in this field as well as those who are currently employed as nurses.

For example, officials from Jacksonville University (JU) recently announced in a press release that the school will sponsor a free nursing continuing education course in conjunction with The one-credit continuing education unit (CEU), which is called Networking for Career Advancement, will be free starting March 1.
Free Online Course for Nurses course was created to boost nurses’ networking skills, which can be valuable for finding employment, promotions and salary increases.

“Our faculty is comprised of accomplished nurses who know firsthand just how hard nurses work,” said Judith M. Erickson, dean of JU’s School of Nursing. “Sponsoring this free nurse CEU will make it a little easier for RNs to complete their [continuing education] and maintain their licenses.”


Nurses jobs now in ample supply in Hawaii adding to the oversupply issue

The longtime nursing shortage in Hawaii has now turned into an oversupply, leaving many recent graduates without jobs, and the economic slowdown is to blame, nursing executives here say.

This is further aggravated by the fact that nurses who were scheduled to retire or move to other jobs have postponed their plans, some because their spouses lost jobs or because of substantial losses in retirement savings.

Nurse turnover at Hawaii Pacific Health — the state’s largest health care system, employing nearly 1,600 nurses — has Read more

New Nursing Jobs Dwindles but Nurses are Now Paid More than Before

While reading along for new nursing jobs that may help our Filipino nurses find one, I stumble upon a very interesting news online.  Read this Pinoy nurses and maybe you will salivate on the prospects of getting to the US again.

According to the most recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average registered nurse (RN) salary is $66,530 in the United States. Despite the fact that the economy today is worse than it was during that same time period, this is $7,000 higher than the average nursing salary five years ago .

This is good news for those interested in healthcare professions as it shows that healthcare is fairly recession proof although the demand for nurses really seems to plateau lately.  While the bad economy in the US seems to have affected the majority of professions, other medical fields, aside from nursing, are also doing well.

The average Physician Assistants salary is Read more

What should new registered nurses do when they can’t find jobs?

What is happening to the nursing profession worldwide?

Only a few years ago, many nursing students had multiple job offers before they graduated. But now only about one of every five graduates gets a job right away.

However, in the United States and much of North America, many industry experts believe that a nursing shortage looms on the horizon. This is because the aging population continues to grow and healthcare reform will expand coverage to more than 30 million previously uninsured people and an expected shortage of physicians will shift more work onto nurses.

In addition, about 40 percent of registered nurses or RNs in the US are over age 50. It is expected that when the economy turns around, many will retire.  The long-term forecast may be favorable, but new graduates are living in the present, and they’re faced with a tough job market. Hospital jobs – the traditional first step in a nursing career – are scarce.

So what can you do as a new nurse?  Experts believe that Read more

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