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work abroad : Filipino Nurses News – Latest & Hottest News about Pinoy Nurses Worldwide

Higher Pay for Those with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in Nursing Careers

Nursing News from overseas.


Because of the current competitive healthcare job market worldwide, more and more nursing students and current professionals are pursuing after their bachelors’ degrees with master’s programs for nursing to become more attractive to prospective employers. The strategy of course is that after they completed these courses of study, these nursing professionals can become qualified for high-paying positions.

Now improved bachelor’s nursing program and curriculum at top schools in the world are being created to help students and working registered nurses (RNs) obtain skills that are required by managerial roles at hospitals and primary care offices. Some top schools in the US, for example, even launched this course of study through distance learning programs and online campus in order to help enrollees further their education without having to quit their jobs.  This will get them their nursing degrees online.

Those who wish to take on more responsibilities in health-related work environments may also want to consider enrolling in a master’s program in nursing administration. These degrees are often available to students via online education and as accelerated programs.

Nursing is still considered as one of the fastest-growing job markets for any occupation in the US given the rising age of retirees who require a lot these healthcare services next to Japan. In fact, within the next eight years, US government analysts shows that the employment of these professionals will increase by 22%, and this industry will create an estimated 581,500 new jobs nationwide.  The Japanese government also has similar pressures from its aging population and will require more nurses within the next 5 years.

Will this be good for the Filipino nurses seeking jobs?  Of course, if we realize this today that other countries are making their nurses more competitive not just a bachelors degree in nursing but a masters on the side, then we should also prepare our nurses here in Manila.  Updating our curriculum to address the competitive landscape abroad is the first step.

And I believe that the more management nurses we train and export to various part of the globe, the more chances of Pinoy nurses to work overseas as the world healthcare industry will realize we are capable professionals in this field.

Filipino Nurses Abroad are Exposed to Swine Flu H1N1 Virus

May 4, 2009 · Filed Under Featured Articles, In the news, work abroad · 1 Comment 

The Philippine government is short of issuing a global advisory to Filipinos, most especially Filipino nurses and other healthworkers, to avoid travel to countries with swine flu cases to prevent the further spread of the virus in the Philippines and other parts of the globe.  However, the migration to other countries and coming back for vacation continues everyday.

The government has advised to temporarily avoid unnecessary travel more particularly to the United States and Mexico. As of this time, no reported Filipino nationals have been infected with the virus anywhere in the world. However, the Philippine government is still concerned with the possible spread of the virus that could infect thousands of Filipino nurses working abroad.

Among the precautionary measures included in the advisory are to avoid congested areas, to regularly wash hands, consultation with a general practitioner when possible symptoms of the virus starts like coughs, sore throat, headaches and muscle pain.


President Arroyo Urged the Arab Employers to Hire More Filipino Nurses & Others

April 13, 2009 · Filed Under In the news, work abroad, Work in Middle East · Comment 

President Arroyo goes to work in her two-day working visit in Dubai to encourage Arab employers to hire more overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), meet with the Filipino community in the Arab state, and pay a visit to UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi.

Thousands of OFWs (as well as those hoping to get out of the country soon) expressed hope that the two-day visit to Dubai by Mrs. Arroyo and a delegation of labor officials will secure their jobs there and create more employment opportunities in the host country for Filipinos.

Labor officials headed by Labor Secretary Marianito Roque had arranged a meeting with foreign principals beginning yesterday until today in Dubai where they planned to discuss more job openings for OFWs.  The top agenda of the meeting is the set of strategies on how the government could fill up the job vacancies for Filipino skilled workers and professionals in Dubai.

This year alone, she said more than 100,000 jobs are available in the Middle East for construction workers, engineers, architects, and medical workers such as nurses and caregivers. However, the recruitment industry warned OFWs seeking employment in Dubai to verify from their prospective employer first if a working visa or permit will be issued to them before they depart for the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates.


Online Nursing Programs Competes with Nursing Schools and Helps the Oversupply of Nurses

September 18, 2008 · Filed Under Insights, work abroad, Work in the US · Comment 

“I prefer to stay at home and study nursing online if possible”, says a Nursing student we talked to yesterday. “If there is only a way in the Philippines to study online nursing programs, that is acceptable to the governing bodies, then I prefer to do it online.” she added.

Certainly, there is a huge demand also for study-at-home nursing programs through the internet.  Businesses have seen the need of desperate Asian homes to bring their kids to the nursing profession for later economic benefit and financial rewards by working abroad. This is happening worldwide as we blog.  If you search the term “nursing online course” or “online nursing program” in Google, you will be hit it with a million results.

The continuing saga now in the Philippines is to alleviate the status of our unemployed nurses who have attended formal and normal nursing bachelor degree courses in a college or university.  With the proliferation of nursing courses online, it will be hard to determine how much longer our fellow nursing citizens have to wait to reap the fruits of their 4-year diploma course because it can only mean one thing – more nursing graduates in the pipeline to trigger oversupply.  This is clear competition and over competition will not benefit our nursing board passers.

The other competing Asian countries are also targeting nursing as a ticket to working abroad especially the US.  They too are the prospects of these online nursing home study courses and nursing degree courses that almost anyone nowadays can take online and at the comfort of their own homes.


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