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Job Opening for Nurses in the US & Canada???

Before you get excited, this post is not about any job openings in the US or Canada.  This post is about a reflection of the past which begs the question “”Whatever happen to the million-dollar dream of working as a Filipino nurse in the US and Canada?”.

This need for health workers in North America has sparked a frenzy of what I call “expectators” from the Philippines when we see this as our miracle job to alleviate ourselves from the chin-deep poverty issues.  I was gasping for air just like you.

Most people view this as their target in life.  Survive college whatever it takes, stick with nursing.  The work your ass off and invest your money in getting that PRC certificate to show the world that hey, I am a board passer in the Philippines. So now what?  Read more

Philippine Government Still Optimistic About More Job Opportunities for Pinoy Nurses

The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) revealed that Pinoy nurses will still be very much in demand in the near future in developed countries.

This comes after the government helped the hiring of Filipino nurses in the Middles East which remains consistently high while Australia needs 200T Filipino nurses. Other countries that are opening up for Filipino nurses are Japan, Spain and Canada while deployment of Filipino nurses for the United Kingdom has dwindled.

The United States government, on the other hand, is fast tracking the nursing education for training their local nurses which might affect the number of deployment of Filipino nurses wanting to migrate there.  This is expected to be counteracted by two house bills pending in US Congress that will open the hiring of foreign nurses to address the shortage of healthcare professionals in the US.

US Labor Department estimates that they will need 500,000 nurses between 2016 until 2025 as there will be millions of elderly people within this period and training their local nurses will not be enough to attend to the needs of the growing aging population.

PIA has acknowledged news report that there are 400T Filipino nurses left without employment as deployment for nurses abroad has slowed.

This is why it is extremely important for the Philippines to uplift the quality of the nurses today especially in the communication skills as well as hands-on experience as these will be the edge of the Filipino nurses when they work overseas.


Capital Health of Canada is Planning to Hire 500 More Nurses?

May 24, 2008 · Filed Under Work in Canada · 2 Comments 

Wanting to work as Pinoy Nurse in Canada? Here’s good news for you.

There is yet another opportunity for our Filipino Nurses to work in Canada as Capital Health, one of the leading healthcare institution in Canada with a growing workforce of more than 30,000 people, is rumored planning to increase their Nurses workforce by another 500.

The opening for nurses position has been openly posted on their website (but the 500 headcount requirement is not verifiable) at

The good news is that Capital Health is open to internationally-trained healthcare professionals like our Filipino doctors and nurses. Capital Health is based in Alberta Canada so all aspiring Nurses should register or secure a valid permit with the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) and/or the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta.

You may need to pay an initial application fee before starting the formal process of assessing your nursing qualifications. This fee is paid by you and not reimbursed by Capital Health.

Of course, there is requirement to be English-speaking and you need to pass English tests namely the TSE and TOEFEL, prior to getting a temporary permit.

We wish you good luck in your application to Canada!