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Job Opening for Nurses in the US & Canada???

Before you get excited, this post is not about any job openings in the US or Canada.  This post is about a reflection of the past which begs the question “”Whatever happen to the million-dollar dream of working as a Filipino nurse in the US and Canada?”.

This need for health workers in North America has sparked a frenzy of what I call “expectators” from the Philippines when we see this as our miracle job to alleviate ourselves from the chin-deep poverty issues.  I was gasping for air just like you.

Most people view this as their target in life.  Survive college whatever it takes, stick with nursing.  The work your ass off and invest your money in getting that PRC certificate to show the world that hey, I am a board passer in the Philippines. So now what?  Read more

US Estimates 500,000 Nurses needed between 2016 to 2025 on top of local US nurses

October 12, 2008 · Filed Under Insights, Work in the US · 1 Comment 

It has been reported that US Labor Department gave estimates that they will be needing 500,000 more foreign nurses between 2016 until 2025 as there will be millions of elderly American citizens within this period that needs specialized care.

This is on top of the current training for their local nurses which is expected be not enough to attend to the needs of the growing aging population.




Looking for US Visa Retrogression (Backlog) News and Updates?

August 10, 2008 · Filed Under Insights, Work in the US · Comment 

People are asking us if we have any US Visa Retrogression news and updates for them. There has been a lot of talks about this issue again lately because of the perceived oversupply of nurses in the Philippines. But what is the real reason why so many people are looking for the US Visa retrogression news and updates?

It is the fact that many Pinoy nurses prefers to still work in the US.

Pinoys still desperately believe that the key to their being rich is in the US mainland. With what is happening now in the Philippine local economy and the world economic crisis, we can’t blame Filipinos to dream big in the US even if the US economy is still dwindling. This is one of the primary reasons why most high school graduates, even if they dont want Nursing personally, will take up Nursing as they are led to believe that nursing is their ticket to America.

But with limitations that the US retrogression offers, the long wait and dying hopes is frustrating many people mostly nursing graduates. In the meantime, what will the nurses do. Even the call centers are rumored to reject nursing students to become call center agents. So if they stay in the Philippines, what else will they do? For some, they will most likely take odd jobs and shortchange themselves for what’s their worth.

With the worldwide aspiration to go to the US competing at each other, we can only imagine that the backlog (retrogression) of US Visa will continue to be a major hindrance for many Filipinos to go to the States. The only real hope in the horizon is the passing of the US Emergency Nursing Supply Release Act of 2008 or HR 5924.

For the latest update on retrogression, here is the latest July 2008 US Visa Bulletin.




President Arroyo Greeted Filipino Nurses, Doctors and Caregivers in the US

June 24, 2008 · Filed Under Work in the US · Comment 

President Arroyo’s trip to the US will not be complete without thanking all Filipino-Americans and Filipino workers there who have contributed substantial help in boosting the Philippine economy by remitting dollars to the Philippines.

In her meetings with Filipino nurses and other health professionals at the Community Regional Medical Center, GMA conveys her thanks and gratitude to them and further ask them to help our fellowmen who have been devastated by the recent Frank. About 65% of nurses (or approximately 2000) working in the hospital are Filipino nurses.

Filipino nurses contributions are indeed commendable not only by the health industry but by the whole nation as well.




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