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Filipino Nurses are Needed in Kuwait to Help Improve Kuwait’s Health Services

October 16, 2008 · Filed Under In the news, Work in Middle East · Comment 

Filipino Secretary of Labor and Employment, Marianito D. Roque, met with Visiting Kuwaiti Minister of Health Ali Al-Barrak met this week to discuss cooperation in the providing to Kuwait the nursing and technical medical staff it needs for its health care services.

After the meeting, Al-Barrak made a statement to the Kuwait News Agency KUNA that he is very pleased with the high level of expertise in medical and nursing fields in Philippines.

The Minister said that the meeting with the Filipino Secretary of Labor focused on boosting bilateral relations and employing Filipino nurses and other medical staff in Kuwait. The Filipino official showed great interest and understanding of the Kuwaiti ministry’s needs and assured that his country was prepared to help in this issue, Barrak said.

On the other hand, Assistant Undersecretary for medical services support affairs in the Ministry of Health Dr Yousif Al-Nusif, stressed the importance of boosting health services cooperation with Philippines, to benefit from specialized human resources of high professional standards.

Al-Nusif told KUNA, “The minister of health and his accompanying delegation’s meetings with the Filipino Secretary of Labor, included discussions on bringing specialized Filipino nursing staff to Kuwait.” He asserted that the Philippines is one of the leading countries in field of nursing, as it has 450 nursing and medical care institutes.

He clarified that the lack of nursing staff in Kuwait is due to the major expansion in medical services and facilities, in conformity with His Highness the Amir’s wishes to increase hospital capabilities in the country.

Who will take care of improving the hiring and job opportunities of Filipino nurses abroad?

September 14, 2008 · Filed Under Insights, work abroad · Comment 

With many jobless nurses now in the Philippines, the question roams about “who will take care of improving the hiring and job opportunities of Filipino Nurses abroad?”.  Is it solely the responsibility of the Philippine government to the Pinoy nurses as it is to the Filipino people? Or is it something that local educational system and the Filipino families have to take care of?

We have read a lot from the news that a lot of recruiters now are scrambling to take advantage of this oversupply of nurses situation in the Philippines. Some recruiters promised to solve the situation by opening up new trainings, hiring and job opportunities abroad through them.  With this, we should be worried that illegal recruiters may begin to proliferate in the nursing profession.

More often than not, the governance of a profession is to blame in this situation. Many believed that the nursing profession is in a crisis right now and it needs government intervention.  If you look deeply into the root cause of the problem, the local nursing supply and demand has something to do with it as well.

First and foremost, nursing schools should stop accepting more nursing students into the pipeline or at least control the entrants.  CHED has to have a hand on this.  Maybe PNA should support it as well.  CHED should make an assessment of the oversupply nationwide and put a halt for more production of nurses.  If the government is not winning the frontlines for nursing demands abroad (like the US, UK and Canada), then we should take care of the local scene.

Second, parents should start diverting their kids to other courses.  Nursing is not as lucrative as before.  Parents have to guide their kids to the right careers or profession that fits them. Career decisions should not be about money anymore.

And third, if you are a student in nursing or planning to be one someday, be doubly sure you want to be in this field or profession.  If you are someone who, like many, had been forced or swayed to be in this profession against their will, then think again and decide what is best for yourself.  Talk to your parents and arrange for a shift in career.

With oversupply of nurses and no demand, no one will surely make money. In the family that nurtures a student to become a nurse someday, disappointments and frustration will surface later.  Without job opportunities for your the new nurse in the family, you end up losing anyway. There are other more lucrative professions and careers (like in IT) that have not been tapped still by many Filipino students.

Hopefully, the hiring and job opportunities for Pinoy nurses will improve in the near term. The Philippine government should be more agressive in building ties and relations to potential employers abroad.  If not, then we, the kith and kins of Filipino nurses, should urge the government to do something drastic and immediate.  And we should do our part as well in solving this employment crisis.


Take Up Nursing for the Right Reasons – It’s Not a Sure Ticket Anymore to Work Abroad…

July 17, 2008 · Filed Under Insights · 4 Comments 

Now the truth, once again, hurts. Nursing is not anymore a sure ticket to work abroad. Can you believe it?

If you are a Pinoy high school student reading this and you are still thinking of taking up Nursing as your college course, think again.

The recent reports of oversupply in the nursing profession and dwindling job opportunities here and abroad should make you cringe to think about how you can recover the expensive cost of taking up nursing and ending up unemployed at the end of 4 years. (No not again.)

Think about your parents and their expectations. Think about your own future. Do you really want to be a nurse someday to help sick people? Or do you want to take up nursing just to work abroad and make more money?

The key is to take up nursing right now for the right reasons thereby embedding in you and your families the right expectations. If your families are pressuring you to become a nurse for money, tell them it’s not the right time.

As it stands right now, most students take up Nursing without much heart into it. Others really want to become accountants, engineers, lawyers and other profession but was forced to take up Nursing in the hopes of becoming rich and making it big abroad like their predecessors have testified in advertisements from nursing schools. Others are influenced by their parents as a get-rich quick scheme to lift their families from the poverty line. This maybe one of the reasons why some nurses perform poorly at work.

The lure of Nursing to many Pinoy high school students is money from abroad. Again, I am not saying all but many or shall we say majority of the youth is geared to that direction. If you don’t agree with that statement, fine. I can hear ya.

But I am sure you will agree that some (again not all) parents force their children to take up Nursing for this reason only – money abroad. Many are brainwashed by the testimonies of successful Nurses abroad to come and take their chances as well.

So it’s the same bait those unscrupulous and incompetent fly-by-night nursing schools have been drooling in your face. But don’t bite that easily. If you do not watch the trend in your chosen profession and do not look beyond the obvious, you will be swindled – easily.

When money is not everything to you, then that’s the time to really take up Nursing. Otherwise, we advise you to think it through. Your future is at stake here.

We know that many Pinoy high school students planning to take up Nursing will be disheartened to see this blog but nevertheless we feel that we need to educate and bring light to the problem at hand – the expected oversupply in the future for the nursing profession.

It’s the law of supply and demand that is at work here. Excessive workforce supply without demand for work equals unemployment for Pinoy nurses. That’s a universal economic law and it bites us every time. It’s the same law that propels the prices of oil and other commodities you pay for your hard earned money. It goes up and down over time. Rumour has it that call center companies are not so eager to hire nursing graduates as call center agents.

Like you, we can only hope for the best. It’s your choice still but weigh your options based on the trends that you see today. Again the key is to take up nursing right for the right reasons. Taking up a profession is a decision with lifelong impact. You should really think of what you really want to do with your life in the future without regretting any of your decisions later.

And remember, the heart of taking up Nursing and becoming a Nurse is to help and care for sick people. If you don’t have that in your heart and you are only there for the money and to work abroad, then you may just be disappointed later.




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