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More and more Filipino nurses are still unemployed in the Philippines

September 20, 2010 · Filed Under Job Openings for Nurses, New Nursing Jobs, Uncategorized · Comment 

Oversupply?  Oversubscribed?  Over to the Max?  Is the country’s nursing profession on the brink of collapse?

The Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) reported earlier this month that there are now close to 200,000 jobless nurses in the country and this number is expected to rise further with the measly budget allocated for public hospitals next year.

Because of lesser and lesser opportunities abroad, the Filipino nurse is forced to wait for the right timing to even get a job locally.

“This is depressing.”  Said one of the nurses who recently passed the 2010 Nursing Licensure Exams.  “We have toiled in school and during the review and now what?”.  Yet still, there are still parents who are pushing their kids to go to the nursing profession.

PNA executive director Maristela Abenojar said that there are Read more

Filipina Nurse Got Featured in a Pinay Sex Scandal Caught by Boyfriend and Posted on Amateur Video Blog Site

October 1, 2008 · Filed Under In the news, Insights · Comment 

Just when we thought it was over, another young Filipina nurse (probably a nursing student) got featured in Pinay sex scandal amateur video blog site.  The Filipina nurse, dressed in white nursing uniform at the beginning of the video, is seen making it out with a young guy who is capturing their sexual act (3gp file) on his cellphone.  The sex scandal is now floating on the internet.

We came to know of this when we received today an email from one of our visitors regarding the allegedly involvement of this other Filipina nurse on a sex scandal video recording.  The email provided a link to the Pinay sex scandal blog site where the amateur video is posted.

We downloaded the video to check the veracity of the claim but we cannot verify the authenticity of the amateur sex video since anyone can dress up like a nurse and role play.

This is really a debilitating news for all Filipina nurses and the nursing profession.  We hope amateur videos like this will stop but the best solution is to keep cellphones away for good just to be safe from some blackmailing boyfriend.




Sex Videos of the Gang Raped Teenage Nursing Student in Cavite Becomes Basis of Solon’s Bill

July 10, 2008 · Filed Under In the news, Insights · 3 Comments 

The sex video scandal of a teenage nursing student who has been gang raped by at least 4 men in Cavite on Valentines day this year became the basis of a Filipino lawmaker to draft a bill that will penalize people who possess sex videos (but not limited to sexual acts only) that defame other unsuspecting and innocent people.  Even playing and replaying these videos or clips or sharing them with others will get you slapped with penalty of up to six years imprisonment and a fine that could reach up to P500,000.

The proliferation of obscene videos on the internet and cellphones featuring people who knowingly or unknowingly caught themselves up on video camera has become a major concern in demoralizing the minds of the youth and is seen as the culprit to the rising sexual crimes in the country.

Most of these video clips came from camera phones that is now a major craze even amongst young adults.  They are often known as “pinoy sex scandals” which would end up being sold in pirated dvd market all over the country.  In the internet, people would simply search for the keyword “pinoy sex scandals” and hundreds of free download sites would appear.

The people of the Philippines are crying foul on the sex scandal incident in Cavite involving this Filipina nursing student.  To be gangraped is one horrible fate that no woman would even want to imagine.  To be videotaped and be seen by all under this devastating physical and moral abuse is like raping her again and again.  Such abuse of the technology has led the Filipino solons take actions against those who plan to do the same act in the future.

We applaud and fully support Buhay Party List Congressman Irwin Tieng’s House Bill No. 4315 that seeks to penalize sex video makers, owners and peddlers.  This horrible deed should not be condoned and those gang rapist should be put to the death penalty if not life imprisonment.




Rape Video of a Nursing Student in Cavite is Circulating the Internet like Scandal

June 20, 2008 · Filed Under Rumour has it · 15 Comments 

There is a recent rumour that a young Filipino nursing student has been gangraped in Cavite by several men and the incident has been video taped by one of the suspects.

The teenage nursing student seems to be drugged or drunken so she was easily molested by male college students. The sexual abuse happened in a house in Dasmarinas, Cavite where the girl went to with her boyfriend unsuspecting of the horrendous act that will befall her.

The video taped rape scene first proliferated through cellphone video clips and was feasted upon by the victims other schoolmates. Such rape video of this unsuspecting nursing student later reached the internet and spread like wildfire. Many voyeur sites and voyeurs are now feasting on this material now considered as the Cavite nursing rape sex scandal.

Why is this happening? Blame the cellphone.


Lately, viewing sex scandals video taped through high tech phones has been a favorite trend in the Philippines by men and teenage boys. The camera feature on these cellphones are being used to capture sexual acts that are later circulated via file transfers from cellphone to cellphone and to the internet. There are so many blogs that now cater to this material and offer them for free download. Most sex video files are in 3gp format which suggest that they came from cellphones.

File hosting sites like Rapidshare and FileFactory have hosted several Filipino made sex scandals. The scandals are typically taken by the couples during one of their sexual adventures and upon breakup, the videos get to the internet through cracks. Others are stolen videos, voyeur shots and videocam shots converted to various file formats even cellphone formats.

There are also reports that cellphone repair shops normally are on the lookout for sex related videos on the phones they are repairing and they copy those sexy videos unknown to their clients. These videos will end up later on the internet for public viewing by horny fans.

This is a very sad fate for one of our future nurses. We hope this immoral act will soon be uncovered and the teenage nursing victim’s rapists be put to justice.

Be careful also with your cellphones. Be sure you clean your act before taking it to a repair shop. You never know what shameful thing can happen with those cellphone video clips that you only want to view in private.