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CHED Disapproves Ceiling Proposal for Nursing Students Enrollees to Curb Oversupply

September 20, 2008 · Filed Under In the news, Insights · Comment 

COMMISSION on Higher Education (Ched) chairman Emmanuel Angeles denounced proposals imposing a ceiling on the number of college students that would like to take up nursing in an effort to put a halt on the oversupply of nurses in the Philippines.

CHED cited the that setting a limit to the number of enrollees to be accepted in the nursing schools all over the country will mean a violation of the basic human right to choose the education the students want to pursue.

About 470 nursing schools proliferate in the country with an annual enrolment of nearly 100,000. Only a handful of these schools are considered excellent by CHED with an annual passing rate of 90 percent.  Last year, 64.909 nursing hopefuls took the board and eventually 31,000 of them passed.

CHED said that the only way they can limit the oversupply is to limit the nursing schools providing nursing courses.  The most valid basis of barring a school from conducting nursing courses are lack of proper facility and incompetence of faculty members. However, we are yet to see these control measures being implemented in the school system.


Almost Half a Million Registered Nurses Without Jobs in the Philippines

September 1, 2008 · Filed Under In the news, Insights · Comment 

The Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) admitted recently that there are about 400,000 Registered Nurses in the country today that are jobless – that’s almost half a million people jobless! (Is this oversupply or what?)

PRC commissioner Ruth Padilla states there is not enough demand locally for our Pinoy nurses and only about 60,000 posts are currently occupied in both private and public sectors.

The demand for nurses has continued to decline over the past month and the government is trying very hard to bring back more demands from foreign countries including even our ASEAN neighbors.  The PRC boasted that our registered nurses are still far more better in qualifications when compared to their ASEAN counterparts hence the potential for sourcing in Asia is a welcome opportunity.

But soon other countries are expected to rise as a competitor to the Pinoy registered nurses qualification.  It’s not a matter of if but when this will happen.  In the light of this, the government is pushing for more updated education and rigid training for all nursing graduates to keep up with the pace of the modern times and nursing requirements worldwide.




Oversupply of Nurses in the Philippines? Do You Even Care?

August 20, 2008 · Filed Under Insights · 2 Comments 

Just recently, I learned that one of my dear cousins have passed the June 2008 nursing board exams. I was able to speak with her today and congratulated her at their oath-taking ceremonies for passing the board held at SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia. Like many of her collegues at the oath-taking, all are happy and excited in their white uniforms.

After the oath-taking, I asked her about her plans for the future. As she pointed out, she wants to work in the US where our Aunt lives and has already committed to support her initially once she is there. However, like many others, she is not expecting to get a job soon. With the problems in the US economy still on-going coupled with the retrogression issue, there is a strong possibility that she’ll end up working more years here than she intended.

The problem is she still have to find work after this. I asked her if she believed that there is an oversupply of Pinoy nurses and how it will badly affect her. She said she is not aware of this at the moment.

That’s quite startling to know since the oversupply issue has been around even before these board passers came into the profession. I guess the saying that “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” is true here. She doesn’t seem to care as of the moment.

I don’t want to spoil the celebration of the family so I decided to be silent for the rest of the day. I even joined her oath-taking pictures after the ceremonies smiling. But in the back of my mind, I know that there is a challenge for all these new nurses once they get their feet wet in the profession.

I can only wish the best for her and the rest of those who took their oath today. Who the hell cares anyway?

You, do you care?




Take Up Nursing for the Right Reasons – It’s Not a Sure Ticket Anymore to Work Abroad…

July 17, 2008 · Filed Under Insights · 4 Comments 

Now the truth, once again, hurts. Nursing is not anymore a sure ticket to work abroad. Can you believe it?

If you are a Pinoy high school student reading this and you are still thinking of taking up Nursing as your college course, think again.

The recent reports of oversupply in the nursing profession and dwindling job opportunities here and abroad should make you cringe to think about how you can recover the expensive cost of taking up nursing and ending up unemployed at the end of 4 years. (No not again.)

Think about your parents and their expectations. Think about your own future. Do you really want to be a nurse someday to help sick people? Or do you want to take up nursing just to work abroad and make more money?

The key is to take up nursing right now for the right reasons thereby embedding in you and your families the right expectations. If your families are pressuring you to become a nurse for money, tell them it’s not the right time.

As it stands right now, most students take up Nursing without much heart into it. Others really want to become accountants, engineers, lawyers and other profession but was forced to take up Nursing in the hopes of becoming rich and making it big abroad like their predecessors have testified in advertisements from nursing schools. Others are influenced by their parents as a get-rich quick scheme to lift their families from the poverty line. This maybe one of the reasons why some nurses perform poorly at work.

The lure of Nursing to many Pinoy high school students is money from abroad. Again, I am not saying all but many or shall we say majority of the youth is geared to that direction. If you don’t agree with that statement, fine. I can hear ya.

But I am sure you will agree that some (again not all) parents force their children to take up Nursing for this reason only – money abroad. Many are brainwashed by the testimonies of successful Nurses abroad to come and take their chances as well.

So it’s the same bait those unscrupulous and incompetent fly-by-night nursing schools have been drooling in your face. But don’t bite that easily. If you do not watch the trend in your chosen profession and do not look beyond the obvious, you will be swindled – easily.

When money is not everything to you, then that’s the time to really take up Nursing. Otherwise, we advise you to think it through. Your future is at stake here.

We know that many Pinoy high school students planning to take up Nursing will be disheartened to see this blog but nevertheless we feel that we need to educate and bring light to the problem at hand – the expected oversupply in the future for the nursing profession.

It’s the law of supply and demand that is at work here. Excessive workforce supply without demand for work equals unemployment for Pinoy nurses. That’s a universal economic law and it bites us every time. It’s the same law that propels the prices of oil and other commodities you pay for your hard earned money. It goes up and down over time. Rumour has it that call center companies are not so eager to hire nursing graduates as call center agents.

Like you, we can only hope for the best. It’s your choice still but weigh your options based on the trends that you see today. Again the key is to take up nursing right for the right reasons. Taking up a profession is a decision with lifelong impact. You should really think of what you really want to do with your life in the future without regretting any of your decisions later.

And remember, the heart of taking up Nursing and becoming a Nurse is to help and care for sick people. If you don’t have that in your heart and you are only there for the money and to work abroad, then you may just be disappointed later.




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