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Job Opening for Nurses in the US & Canada???

Before you get excited, this post is not about any job openings in the US or Canada.  This post is about a reflection of the past which begs the question “”Whatever happen to the million-dollar dream of working as a Filipino nurse in the US and Canada?”.

This need for health workers in North America has sparked a frenzy of what I call “expectators” from the Philippines when we see this as our miracle job to alleviate ourselves from the chin-deep poverty issues.  I was gasping for air just like you.

Most people view this as their target in life.  Survive college whatever it takes, stick with nursing.  The work your ass off and invest your money in getting that PRC certificate to show the world that hey, I am a board passer in the Philippines. So now what?  Read more

New Pinoy Forum for Filipino Nurses

April 2, 2010 · Filed Under Featured Articles, In the news · 1 Comment 

Just wanted to invite you guys to join the newly launched Pinoy Community Forum for all Nurses, nursing reviewees and students worldwide.

This new forum is dedicated to all Filipino nurses here in the Philippines and abroad.   Here you can discuss different topics about the nursing profession including but not limited to nursing review schools and materials, nursing review schools and nursing schools.  The forum also offers mock quiz/exam system where you can practice answering simulated questions for the NLE, NCLEX and IELTS amongst others.

But most of all, this forum is a place where the nursing professional can converge and make it their new home on the internet.  Equipped with a no-frills Chat room, you can find new friends or reunite with acquaintances.  You can ask questions, get tips and strategies or become a resource contributor for others to learn from.

Visit for more details or click the image below to jump there:

Pinoy Nursing Forum

Almost Half a Million Registered Nurses Without Jobs in the Philippines

September 1, 2008 · Filed Under In the news, Insights · Comment 

The Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) admitted recently that there are about 400,000 Registered Nurses in the country today that are jobless – that’s almost half a million people jobless! (Is this oversupply or what?)

PRC commissioner Ruth Padilla states there is not enough demand locally for our Pinoy nurses and only about 60,000 posts are currently occupied in both private and public sectors.

The demand for nurses has continued to decline over the past month and the government is trying very hard to bring back more demands from foreign countries including even our ASEAN neighbors.  The PRC boasted that our registered nurses are still far more better in qualifications when compared to their ASEAN counterparts hence the potential for sourcing in Asia is a welcome opportunity.

But soon other countries are expected to rise as a competitor to the Pinoy registered nurses qualification.  It’s not a matter of if but when this will happen.  In the light of this, the government is pushing for more updated education and rigid training for all nursing graduates to keep up with the pace of the modern times and nursing requirements worldwide.




Rise in the Number of Pinoy Nurses taking the US NCLEX in 2007

May 6, 2008 · Filed Under In the news, Insights · Comment 

Have you been wondering how big are the stats now for Nursing profession? I am so I took on some research and here’s what I got.

The numbers have been released. Around 21,500 Pinoy nurses took the US NCLEX exams in 2007 compared to approximately 15,000 in 2006. That’s about 43% increase from 2006.

It’s no surprise actually. This interesting stats only shows the strong Filipino urge to solidify their claim for the American dream and the lure of the greener pasture there. With the measly salary here in the Philippines, more and more high school graduates go to nursing schools after to join the bandwagon.

Of course there are other developed countries now that demand for Pinoy nurses to come but majority will say they want to go to the US after their passing the Nursing Board here in the Philippines.

The numbers are expected to rise even more in the coming year since this year alone, CHED estimates that there will be around 500,000 high school students are gonna enter into various Nursing schools, colleges and universities nationwide.

Will give you more stats as we have it.

More news for you soon.




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