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Are you a Board Passer Nurse Without a Job? Maybe You Also Lack Hospital Training and Experience.

September 30, 2008 · Filed Under Insights, Rumour has it · Comment 

Based on what has been reported in many news angle, it seems that the lack of training facility for nursing graduates such as local hospitals, including government-owned and controlled in the Philippines are producing more and more unemployed nurses.

Although many of our unemployed nurses passed the local nursing board, one of the key pain of nursing recruiters in the country is the lack of the nurses’ experience and training in actual hospital work.  Without it, they cannot be endorsed to potential foreign employers who are seeking experienced nurses only.

The root cause of the problem is not the oversupply of nurses per se but the lack of government funding even to hire these nurses in the government-owned hospitals.  If the government can allocate funds for this and provide even temporary employment to our nurses, then they can go out and find work elsewhere after.

The sad news is, there are reported cases that some new nurses are even sacrificing and more than willing to pay the local hospital just to admit them so they can have work experience in their resumes.  This is becoming a trend and some folks are reported to be benefiting from it.

It is also well known that there are a lot of shortage of nurses and doctors in most of the government owned  hospitals aside from the scary facilities that have not been refreshed for years due to lack of funding.  Some patient are more afraid of contracting sickness inside government hospitals than their ailments.

We urged the Philippine government to look into this funding solution quickly.  Adding necessary funding to local government hospitals so they can hire nurses (and doctors) to gain experience is a win-win trade off not only for the nurses but also for the sick Filipino folks as well.


Is there really an oversupply of Pinoy Nurses in the Philippines?

July 13, 2008 · Filed Under In the news, Insights · 3 Comments 

Recent reports state that there is an oversupply of Pinoy nurses now in the Philippines due mainly to 2 factors.

1. Highly commercialized nursing schools – Students are still being advised to take on Nursing because they and their parents believed that becoming a nurse abroad is their ticket to escape poverty. Success stories of Pinoy nurses abroad are being flaunted everyday by nursing schools to attract more and more students to boost their earnings. And one way or another, someone from the family has direct link or relation to someone who is making big bucks abroad that only solidify the intent of the students to take on nursing.

The result – more and more high school graduates are now flooding these nursing schools as the preferred college course. Tens of thousands also end up taking the nursing board exams. The high board passing rate also encourage the students to take on the course.

2. Practical Nursing programs – Not many people know on the onset that Practical nurses end up to be the nursing assistants to registered nurses here and abroad. The proliferation of practical nursing programs from various nursing school institutions, which is a vocational course to begin with, has attracted even more students to easily jump into the nursing boom.

False advertising plays the part on the oversupply. Students are led to believe that Practical nursing course is their shortcut to going abroad than taking the full 4-year course. But recent reports showed that graduates of practical nursing are having a hard time finding jobs abroad contrary to what has been advertised when they are enrolling in those practical nursing schools.

This has raised concerns at PNA which warned students to be very careful taking on this course as it is not a guarantee that they will get working visas or immigrant status in the US for example.

Now with all unemployed nurses around, how will the government deal with this oversupply situation? This will definitely add to unemployment rate in the future if and when the government will not take action as early as now to curb the impact of this impending oversupply as well as the effect of deteriorating demand in the nursing profession here and abroad.